An amethyst arrowhead, guided by a trinity of turquoise.

A delicate trinity of agate for protection through life, linked together with black chain and sterling silver findings. 

Original pencil and crayon drawing on wood. 

Original graphite drawing on wood. 
Complete with runes for protection and divination. 

I'm currently working on a blend for a friend. I like to call it Orange Grove and it's, by far, one of my favorite blends I've made! It has patchouli to ground it, sweet orange to carry it along, and a hint of Jasmine to keep it light

When I first started mixing it, I set out to make a scent that reminded me of childhood summer vacations to my Grandparents's home in Central Florida. They had rows and rows of citrus trees and we would go out in the afternoons to pick the fruit. The best was when some of the peel would rip off as you were picking and we would jokingly say, "Well, we gotta eat it now or it'll go bad." I don't know if you've had sun-warm oranges right off tree, but, let me tell you--they are delicious.

Made to order for $15 per bottle (the finished product will be much fuller than the one pictured; this is an in-progress shot).

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